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21. Why You Have Boring Goals

You set a lot of goals, but when you look at your goal list, you want to yawn. Your goals are all good things, and you’d be glad to achieve them. But they’re kind of . . . boring. 

Boring goals make for a boring life, and you don’t want that. We’ll show you have to set goals that set your heart on fire, goals you’re dying to accomplish. How? By making them riskier. Test your goals for the 3 Factors of Goal Boredom, and you’ll never set a lackluster goal again. 

You’ll be excited and engaged with your goals all year long, and you’ll achieve things so good that it literally scares you to think about them.


  • What makes a goal boring.
  • The main reason you set boring goals. 
  • Why you shouldn’t set the same goal two years in a row.
  • Why it’s good that you don’t know how you’ll achieve.
  • Questions to help you evaluate whether your goal is risky. 

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Focus On This Podcast

20. Should You Share Your Goals

So you’ve got this big goal that you’re really excited about. You’re dying to share it with the people around you. But when you do, it kind of backfires. Some people belittle your aspiration. Others seem to think you’re bragging. The whole experience is deflating. It makes you wonder if you should even try this goal. 

Yes, you should! And you can share it with people who will affirm and help you. We’ve discovered three foolproof principles for goal sharing. Follow them, and you’ll get rid of all the angst about sharing or not sharing your goals. You’ll find the people who can support you in reaching for your biggest aspirations, and you’ll achieve them!

Focus On This Podcast

Bonusode: A 2020 Special Announcement

As a high achiever, you love reaching goals! But added on top of a busy life, goal achievement can seem a bit overwhelming. The Full Focus Planner puts it all into one handy system. Yet you may want a little help getting it up and running.

We’ve got you covered! We’ve got a brand-new program called Compass: Your Full Focus Guide, and it’s exclusively for our Full Focus Planner users.

Compass will give you the community support and motivation you need to fully implement the Full Focus System™ so you can hit every goal, every time. 

You’ll learn the one best way to set goals. And you’ll get coaching on goal achievement and the support of a community of high achievers just like you. 

Inside this episode, you’ll hear more about these amazing features: 

  • Live Weekly Preview Session, so you can add the power of accountability to get your Weekly Preview done every week.
  • Live Monthly Masterclass Sessions where you can learn new skills and get your questions answered from Full Focus Coaches. 
  • Live Quarterly Preview Party, which is a live-stream event where we guide you through the Quarterly Preview with expert tips and giveaways.
  • Online Portal to Log, Track, and Share Goals—so you’ll never lose visibility on your goals again.
  • Success Community where you can engage with other users and spur each other on to achieve, supported by our Full Focus Team. 

Plus, additional exclusive events and resources for Compass members only.

Once you’ve listened to this episode, here’s you next step. Head over to Compass and get started.  This is the start of your best year ever!

Focus On This Podcast

19. How to Avoid Being Overwhelmed by Your Goals

As a high achiever, you probably start every year with a solid list of goals. You’re focused, and you’re ready to achieve. But as time wears on, you realize you can’t keep every project moving at the same rate. By mid-year, you realize it’s too late to make progress on most of your goals. 

That’s frustrating! You might even wonder, Am I just trying to do too much? No, you’re not. You don’t have too many goals. And you do have the capacity to achieve them. Just not all at once. We’ve learned the foolproof way to achieve 10 to 12 goals nearly every single year. You do that by focusing on just two or three at any one time. When you do, you’ll plow through them faster than you thought possible.

Focus On This Podcast

18. Help! A Quarterly Preview Seems Overwhelming

High achievers are usually hard chargers. That makes it difficult—even annoying—to slow down for reflection. Who has time? 

We know how you feel. That’s why we’ve developed a streamlined method for pausing your work just long enough to make the next phase more productive. It’s called a Quarterly Preview. This simple practice will uncomplicate your life. It is your opportunity to build momentum for the next three months. 

We’ve got four compelling reasons to give it a try.

Focus On This Podcast

17. Stop Goal Exhaustion with This Simple Fix

Does it ever feel like you’re on a treadmill? One week ends, another begins. One quarter ends, another begins. You hit your goals this month. Yay! Now get back to work. It never ends. 

It’s enough to make you sick of the word goal

Goal achievement should not be that way. The last thing you should feel about setting a goal is dread. We’ve got a simple hack that will make you feel excited every time you set a goal. Do this one simple thing, and you’ll never again dread the start of the quarter. Here’s how to create a reward that will keep you motivated to achieve.

Focus On This Podcast

16. How to Get Instant Momentum on Goals

You’ve set some great goals. They’re exciting and challenging. But that creates a lot of complexity. There so much to be done. Your project plan is solid, but it’s hard to find the time to make progress. The whole thing just seems overwhelming. 

Based on achieving lots of big goals, we’ve learned that complex detailed plans are not always helpful. You don’t need to plot the entire course. All you need is the next step. It’s time to stop thinking about “the plan” for your goal and just identify the next action. 

When you do, you’ll get unstuck instantly. The feeling of overwhelm will disappear, and you’ll start seeing daily progress on the things that matter most. 

Focus On This Podcast

15. How to Motivate Yourself to Actually Finish Goals

You have a lot of goals and projects in your portfolio. But to be honest, you have a hard time remembering what they are. Sometimes you hope nobody will remind you of them because you can’t really remember why you chose them in the first place. Why is it so hard to maintain your excitement about a goal all year long? 

Actually, it’s not! We’ve got a simple way to fuel your passion for goal achievement throughout the year. Do this one simple thing, and you’ll you’ll stop finding goals in June that you forgot about in January. You’ll maintain your excitement, keep your focus, and make progress on your goals all year long. 

Focus On This Podcast

14. How to Finish Goals that Drag on Forever

As a high achiever, you love to get things done. But some goals just seem to float out there on the horizon. Some are just hard to start. There’s never a good time to begin. Others, you just can’t finish. Sure, you make progress. But it’s just hard to finish that last 10 percent. 

We’ve been there, and we know the solution. You need to make sure every goal has a time key. We’ll show you exactly why that matters so much—and how it will help you finish. 

Do this, and you’ll never have trouble getting started on a goal. You’ll always know exactly what your progress is. And, best of all, you’ll know when you’re done!

Focus On This Podcast

13. How to Create Habit Goals

You want to win at work and succeed at life. But it turns out that changing your life can be a lot harder than achieving goals. You might be able to crank out the work, but going to the gym consistently, or forcing yourself to adopt a morning ritual, or quitting work every day at 5:00 just takes too much will power!

Here’s the thing. Achieving lifestyle goals is not much different than hitting your goals at work. Both goals use the SMARTER framework. But there are certain adjustments you need to make for a habit goal. Your problem isn’t will power. It’s probably that you haven’t created a solid habit goal. And we can show you how.

Start tweaking these three elements of your habit goals, and you’ll crush them every time. You’ll no longer feel stuck in your personal habits. And you’ll make the positive changes that help you win in life as well as at work.