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208. Creating a Vision Board: Finding Your Focus

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Focus On Your Priorities Again

You’re highly ambitious, but you breathe, work, eat, and livein a den of distractions. How can you make progress on your biggestpriorities when there’s a distraction at every turn?


A Podcast To Help You Focus

If you want to achieve your big goals and return to your most important priorities, focus is the key.

Building off of the successful framework of the Full Focus Planner, hosts Courtney Baker and Blake Stratton will providepractical solutions to guide you back to focus.

Focus On This Will Help You:


Eliminate Overwhelm

Tired of that stressed, anxious feeling you have going into work? Listening to the podcast will give you actionable strategies to beat back overwhelm.


Guarantee Progress

Get rid of all the empty tasks on your to-do list and only focus on the tasks that matter. You’ll learn tangible ways to build tasks that give you actual progress, not just exhaustion.


Love Mondays

Start your Mondays with the podcast and end your days feeling successful, satisfied, and accomplished. You can love Mondays again.

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The Podcast for Full Focus Planner™ Lovers

The Full Focus Planner by Michael Hyatt provides the foundation for the Focus on This podcast. If you want to level up your productivity, buy the planner and listen to the podcast.

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About Your Hosts

Courtney Baker

Courtney Baker

Courtney is the Chief Marketing Officer at Full Focus and a fellow planner-enthusiast. As an Enneagram 3 and high-achiever, Courtney loves the sound her pen makes as it checks off her Daily Big 3. Her hobbies include interior design, reading, traveling with her husband, Chase, and doing just about anything with her two daughters.


Verbs (Mike) Boyer

As a nationally recognized recording artist, Verbs brings energy and expertise to every Focus On This episode. When he’s off the air, Verbs enjoys reading, sliding across the kitchen floor in his socks, dancing with his 3 amazing kids, and date nights with his bride, Verna.

Blake Stratton

Blake Stratton

Blake Stratton is a Full Focus Certified Pro. After experiencing tremendous success using the planner in his business, Blake joined the podcast team to tell the world about the Full Focus system for achievement. He enjoys exploring Nashville coffee shops, talking about the Chicago Cubs and Chicago Bears, and time with his wife, Alaina, and daughter, Felicity.

It's Time To Focus On This

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