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49. How to Implement a Daily Gratitude Habit



You’re working hard to achieve more every day. But sometimes it’s hard to keep a good attitude about work. Things don’t always work out the way you planned. And sometimes life is just unfair. It’s so frustrating to work hard yet have the feeling that you’re not getting the results you deserve. 

Here’s a simple pathway out of that swamp. We’ll show you how to leverage the amazing power of gratitude to free yourself from negative thoughts. Plus, it’s rocket fuel for your productivity. 

Try it! You’ll be immediately released from that feeling the breaks never go your way. And you’ll gain the energy and optimism to tackle your greatest goal or challenge. As a bonus, you’ll find yourself emerging as a leader at work, or wherever you happen t0 be!

In this episode, you’ll discover—

  • How your gratitude can affect your entire team—not just you.
  • Suggestions for small changes you can implement to make huge progress.
  • Practical tips on how to shift your mindset and see your circumstances differently.
  • How you can overcome the negative effects of entitlement in your life and work.
  • Questions you can ask yourself to develop a grateful heart.

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