Focus On This Podcast

50. How to Defeat Distractions and Stay Focused



You arrive every day really hoping to get a lot done. But before long, text messages, social media, and office chatter pull you off track. By noon you’re wondering, “What just happened to my day?”  It’s so demoralizing to realize that you’ve wasted your best focus time. 

Here’s help. We’ve fought our own battles with distraction and interruption, and we’ve developed a foolproof strategy for keeping them at bay. Follow these simple steps, and you’ll get your focus back, finish your to-do list, and leave work feeling satisfied nearly every day.

In this episode, you’ll discover—

  • What an “anticipation tactic” is—and how to use them to avoid distraction.
  • How to identify your unique obstacles to productivity.
  • The times of day when we’re most likely to fall prey to distraction.
  • Practical tips for designing around your weaknesses.
  • How to handle family interruptions when working from home (without hurting feelings).

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