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13. How to Create Habit Goals



You want to win at work and succeed at life. But it turns out that changing your life can be a lot harder than achieving goals. You might be able to crank out the work, but going to the gym consistently, or forcing yourself to adopt a morning ritual, or quitting work every day at 5:00 just takes too much will power!

Here’s the thing. Achieving lifestyle goals is not much different than hitting your goals at work. Both goals use the SMARTER framework. But there are certain adjustments you need to make for a habit goal. Your problem isn’t will power. It’s probably that you haven’t created a solid habit goal. And we can show you how. 

Start tweaking these three elements of your habit goals, and you’ll crush them every time. You’ll no longer feel stuck in your personal habits. And you’ll make the positive changes that help you win in life as well as at work. 

In this episode you will—

  • Figure out why you’re not making progress on your habit goals. 
  • Learn why willpower is not an effective goal achievement strategy. 
  • Discover how to structure a  habit goal for success. 
  • Find out the mental shift you have to make to set effective behavioral goals. 
  • Identify the simple tweaks that turn achievement goals into habit goals. 
  • Begin crushing your habit goals every time

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