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183. Remember Why You Started

The “messy middle” is a place where we’ve come too far to go back but we can’t yet see what’s up ahead – and it’s normal. In fact, if you haven’t hit the messy middle yet, you probably will soon.

The messy middle is typically where we feel we’ve hit the end of our own resources. It’s at this moment that you have to start getting creative and asking for help. But the most important resource in the messy middle is motivation. And that’s at the heart of what we’re talking about today.

Blake, Courtney, and Verbs talk about two reasons that it is important to remember why you started. After that, Courtney speaks with Full Focus Planner Certified Pro, Valeria Gray. They talk about how she uses the Full Focus System with her clients and offers some tips that you can use right away.

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Focus On This Podcast

182. 2 Reasons to Trade Remembering for Writing

Let’s face it: We have a tendency to be overconfident about what we can remember. We think we’ll remember the important ideas from that meeting or the date of that event or the email that you have to send. By simply relying on our memory to get us through our lives, we put some of our most important goals and priorities at risk.

Blake, Courtney, and Verbs offer two reasons that you should trust your memory less and trust your pens and pencils more. After that, Courtney speaks with Full Focus Planner Certified Pro, Conor Scholes. He speaks with her about how he uses the planner to focus his Enneagram 4 personality.

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Episode Notes