Focus On This Podcast

5. The Magic Number for Quarterly Goals



High achievers thrive on setting big goals. The problem is that we create complexity for ourselves, which virtually guarantees getting bogged down. We may achieve one goal but miss ten. It’s discouraging. 

The problem is that you’re trying to do too much too fast. In this episode, we’ll show you how to narrow your focus to just two or three goals per quarter. When you do, you’ll go from achieving just one or two goals a year, to nailing nearly all of them most of the time. Finally, you can start celebrating wins almost every month.

In this episode you will—

  • Discover the real reason you’re not achieving your goals. 
  • See the simple error that plagues high achievers in goal achievement. 
  • Find out the mental shift that will dial your focus on your most important goals.
  • Understand the critical value of limiting your goals to just 2–3 per quarter. 
  • Start feeling excited, rather than discouraged, when you think about your goals!