Focus On This Podcast

4. The Success Formula for Goal Achievement



You want to be a high achiever, but sometimes you feel more like a plate spinner. Between your goal sheet, project management app, daily to-do list, and calendar, you’re managing a lot of details. It’s overwhelming, and something inevitably hits the floor. 

We’ve got the answer. What you need is not one more app to throw in the mix. You need a system that binds all these elements of productivity together. We call it the Goal Achievement Formula. 

Try this, and you’ll finally stop feeling like a juggler at work. All of your projects, goals, and tasks will be in alignment. And? You’ll get more done than ever before. 

In this episode you will—

  • Discover the Golden Thread that ties your goal achievement system together. 
  • See why hacks don’t work long-term—and find out what does. 
  • Identify the five elements that make a productivity system effective. 
  • Learn how to make the critical connection between big goals and daily actions. 
  • Start feeling in control of your work again!