Focus On This Podcast

18. Help! A Quarterly Preview Seems Overwhelming



High achievers are usually hard chargers. That makes it difficult—even annoying—to slow down for reflection. Who has time? 

We know how you feel. That’s why we’ve developed a streamlined method for pausing your work just long enough to make the next phase more productive. It’s called a Quarterly Preview. This simple practice will uncomplicate your life. It is your opportunity to build momentum for the next three months. 

We’ve got four compelling reasons to give it a try.

In this episode you will—

  • Find out what you’re missing by skipping your Quarterly Preview.
  • Learn the simple secret to starting each quarter with a burst of energy.
  • See how to remove the “cloud of uncertainty” about what steps to take next. 
  • Get tips on how to capture what you’ve learned so you don’t repeat mistakes.
  • Discover a foolproof way to never loose sight of your goals again. 
  • Identify the easy off ramp for habits or practices that are no longer working well. 
  • Get yourself primed to be more productive than ever!