Focus On This Podcast

19. How to Avoid Being Overwhelmed by Your Goals



As a high achiever, you probably start every year with a solid list of goals. You’re focused, and you’re ready to achieve. But as time wears on, you realize you can’t keep every project moving at the same rate. By mid-year, you realize it’s too late to make progress on most of your goals. 

That’s frustrating! You might even wonder, Am I just trying to do too much? 

No, you’re not. You don’t have too many goals. And you do have the capacity to achieve them. Just not all at once. We’ve learned the foolproof way to achieve 10 to 12 goals nearly every single year. You do that by focusing on just two or three at any one time. When you do, you’ll plow through them faster than you thought possible. 

In this episode you will–

  • Find out why attempting more than 2–3 goals at once undermines progress. 
  • Learn the difference between goals and milestones. 
  • Get practical tips on preserving your margin while you achieve big goals. 
  • See how the link between focus and achievement applies to your habit goals. 
  • Discover how to treat goals that stretch out over and entire year. 
  • Be empowered to achieve all of your annual goals, and probably a few more.