132. 4 Questions to Reflect on Q1

Moving from one quarter to the next is often seamless. So much so, that we rarely give intentional thought to how things went. But that’s exactly why we can experience repetitive frustration and feel driftless. Call it quarterly déjà vu. In this episode, Verbs, Courtney, and Nick walk through four questions to reflect on for […]

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131. Start Journaling Now!

We want to live and work by design. We don’t want to drift to destinations. But we can’t design the path for our lives until we know what’s happening and where we currently are.   In this episode, Verbs, Courtney, and Blake offer four ways journaling helps us learn from our lives, so we can then […]

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130. Email Inbox Therapy

Email is part of our everyday—in work and in life. From one-on-one messages to calendar invitations to marketing emails from somewhere you purchased a couch from. It’s one of the most powerful communication tools at our fingertips. But that power can also weigh us down, keep us stuck, and prevent us from moving onto our […]

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