Focus On This Podcast

2. Change Your Mind, Change Your Life



You’re a high achiever, which means you want to get things done! The problem is that no matter how many apps, hacks, and time-management systems you try, you still get caught up in the whirlwind of the modern workplace. It leaves you feeling that something’s wrong with—or missing from—what you’re doing. 

There is! And we know what it is. You don’t need a new system, hack, or app to make you more productive. You need to change the way you think about productivity and achievement.  

When you adopt the Full Focus mindset, you’ll instantly go from feeling scattered and overworked to feeling calm, focused, and in control. You’ll escape that feeling that “something’s missing” from your approach to work, and you’ll start to experience a greater level of productivity than you ever thought possible. 

In this episode you will—

  • Find out why even highly productive people can feel out of control at work.
  • See why new tools and strategies aren’t solving your productivity problem. 
  • Understand why you need to change the way you think about productivity. 
  • Identify the key principles that will make your work more effective. 
  • Start getting more done than you ever thought possible.

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