Focus On This Podcast

7. A Simple (Yet Overlooked) Strategy for Achieving Goals


As a high achiever, you want to get stuff done. You love to achieve goals and celebrate wins! And to do that, you’ve downloaded every productivity app every made. You’re a wizard with productivity tools and hacks. 

But there’s a problem. All those tools create a lot of complexity. Every tasks has a due date, and it exists somewhere in your ironclad system. But where? Outlook? Asana? Slack? Or is it on your calendar? In Excel? 

Before long, you’re spending more time managing your system than actually doing your work. Productivity plummets. Until you reach for the next new app! 

We’ve found a way to break this doom loop of beeps, tags, and notifications. By taking this one simple action, you can escape the spiral of counter-productivity and keep a laser focus on the things that matter most.

In this episode you will— 

  • Understand the power of simplicity in making your more productive. 
  • See why your productivity system may be your productivity problem.
  • Learn the old-school hack that can restore sanity to your workday.
  • Find a way to get clarity on exactly what you want to accomplish. 
  • Finally start getting the right stuff done!

Episode Transcript

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