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46. 3 Easy Steps to Triage Your Calendar



You love being focused and in control. But sometimes important commitments get dropped.  You find yourself double-booked. Or you overlook an important deadline. Or, worst of all, you let down the people closest to you because you’re too busy. At some point, you realize that your calendar is totally out of control. 

We’ve got a solution for that. We finally got tired of being prisoners to our calendar and found a way to break free. In just three steps, you can tame that wild beast and get your life back. 

Try it! You’ll go from overscheduled to perfectly balanced. You’ll quit missing important appointments and have room to breathe again. This will be a great leap forward in your productivity and life balance.

In this episode, you’ll discover—

  • How your calendar got in bad shape in the first place—and what you can do about it.
  • The first decision you have to make before you can overcome your scheduling woes.
  • Tips for translating your productivity desires into actionable steps.
  • Which items should make it through your filter and remain on your calendar.
  • How to say no to requests that aren’t in alignment with your goals.

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