Focus On This Podcast

39. 4 Steps to Protect Your Ideal Week



You love Mondays, you really do. But they never quite live up to the dream. You plan your week, pick your Big 3, and proof your calendar. But something always pulls you off the rails. Before you know it, deep work is out the window, and you’re running from one meeting to another. Why is it so hard to keep your week on track? 

We’ve been there! And in this episode, we’ll show you a simple trick to ensure that you realize your Ideal Week more often than not. Try this, and you’ll go from frazzled to focused. You’ll finally stop bouncing from crisis to crisis and have time for deep work on your most important projects. It works!

In this episode, you’ll discover—

  • How to identify the times of day when you are at your peak and plan your work accordingly.
  • Why you need to triage your calendar and task lists when things get crazy.
  • The questions you need to ask yourself so you can identify your Desire Zone activities.
  • Suggestions on how to batch your activities according to stages and themes.
  • The importance of leaving room in your schedule for interruptions—and how to actually plan for them.

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