Focus On This Podcast

38. How to Optimize Your Weekends



You like to work hard and play harder. Your weekends are not downtime; they’re “uptime” because you’re up for anything! 

It’s all good, but it’s also draining. That makes it hard to get “up for work” on Monday. Why is there always so little time for the things you really love? 

Here’s the thing: the Full Focus System works on weekends, just like it does during the week. Today, we’ll show you how to end your weekends with that same “Ahh” feeling you get from a productive week. You’ll escape from that Sunday night exhaustion. And you’ll be rested up, charged up, and rearing to get back to work on Monday morning!

In this episode, you’ll discover—

  • How to utilize the Full Focus system so it works for you on the weekends, too.
  • Practical tips for structuring Saturdays and Sundays realistically.
  • How to have a great weekend whether you are a “pack it all in” type or a “chill” type.
  • The five main areas of rejuvenation—and how to give attention to each of them.
  • Why you should plan your spontaneity (it’s a thing!).