Focus On This Podcast

30. 5 Tips for Staying Focused While Working from Home



The novel coronavirus has created a new normal in which many people are working from home for the first time. Sounds great! But how do you keep your focus and keep connected in this new environment with all it’s distractions. It can seem overwhelming. 

Not to worry. We’ve been working remotely for years, and we’ve got the advice you need to make a smooth transition from the office to the home office. Follow this advice, and you’ll see no letdown in productivity. You may find that you’re even more productive than ever!

In this episode, you’ll discover—

  • Why daily rituals are still valid in the midst of a crisis—perhaps even more so
  • Which components of your rituals can stay the same and which ones need to change
  • Ideas for how to replace workouts and family activities when your schedule is thrown off
  • The one practice you need to maintain to help avoid distractions
  • Suggestions for finding a “focus spot” in your home

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