Focus On This Podcast

28. How to Start and Stop Your Workdays



You love your work, and you can’t wait to get started! But somehow, the day never goes as planned. You get derailed by low-leverage tasks, and half the time you don’t start your big project until after lunch. By the end of the day, you realize you’ll have to finish up at home. By Friday, you’re totally exhausted—and still not done!

Nobody knows rollover like we know rollover. After more Saturdays at the office than we care to remember, we’ve found a way to end the rollover problem once and for all. You can do that by bookending your day with workday startup and shutdown rituals.

When you do, you’ll finally quit leaving the office with a laptop full of take-home work. You’ll get your margin back and be more productive than ever before.

In this episode, you will—

  • Find out why you never seem to “get finished” for the day. 
  • Learn the best way to stop rolling tasks over to the next day. 
  • Understand how the never-ending to-do list is undermining your productivity.
  • Identify the simple fallacy that causes us to take on too much work. 
  • Gain the simple trick that will help you start and stop work in a controlled way. 
  • Start to feel a sense of completion at the end of the day.

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