Focus On This Podcast

25. How to Set Up an Ideal Week



You’re focused on productivity, which means that you’re constantly getting tapped for greater responsibility. You start each day with a plan, but you quickly get sucked into “reaction mode.” Urgent requests and demands on your time crowd out your own priorities. It’s exhausting. 

Fortunately, we know a great way to take control of your time and direct the flow of work coming at you. It’s called the ideal week. This simple tool will help you take back control of your time. You’ll say goodbye to reactive mode, get focused on your high-leverage projects, and get a lot more done. 

In this episode, you will discover—

  • What to do if your week doesn’t go according to plan.
  • How to regain control of your time, regardless of your role in your organization.
  • The motivation and courage to adjust your rituals as needed.
  • Practical ways to recover pockets of time that are wasted due to faulty scheduling.
  • How to recover margin and protect what’s important to you.

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