Focus On This Podcast

26. How to Leverage Rolling Quarters



Keeping your goals and projects moving is not about time management—it’s all about visibility. We’ve got a foolproof hack for keeping your big rocks visible before they tumble down on you. It’s called rolling quarters. 

In this episode, Courtney and Blake give you tips that will help you start working ahead of schedule, and avoid always playing catch up. Rolling quarters will get you out of crisis mode for good and put the margin back into your life.

In this episode, you will discover—

  • Ideas for navigating a mid-range view of your plans so you can see what’s coming on the horizon.
  • How to avoid being surprised by deadlines ever again.
  • The power of visibility for accomplishing goals.
  • Practical ways to filter out low-leverage commitments.
  • How to have confidence that your time and energy are always being used to their fullest.