Focus On This Podcast

24. How to Set Up Your Monthly Calendar



As a high achiever, you’re dialed in on productivity. You know how to get things done. But there’s a problem. No matter how much you produce, you always feel behind. There always seems to be a looming deadline that somehow got missed. That puts you on the hamster wheel nearly every week, hustling to get caught up. It’s exhausting. 

There’s a fix for that. It’s called a Monthly Calendar. Start using this tool to keep track of your Big Rocks, and you’ll escape that feeling of being two steps behind. You’ll have plenty of time for your major commitments and deadlines. Better yet, you’ll have lots more time for the “little rocks” too. 

In this episode you will—

  • Learn why a weekly calendar view will not help you track deadlines. 
  • Find a simple way to keep your big commitments visible at all times. 
  • Discover how to gain complete confidence in accepting or declining appointments.
  • Find the space to fit in other important priorities around big commitments like travel or project deadlines. 
  • Relax, knowing all your major commitments are under control!