Focus On This Podcast

23. 4 Questions to Learn from Mistakes



You’re a high achiever, so you like to attempt big things. The problem is that things don’t always turn out the way you planned. That feels lousy. It makes you want to bury last week and just barrel ahead. 

There’s a better way. We’ve discovered a simple process for redeeming your regrets, big and small. Your mistakes and even failures don’t have to keep you stuck. You can learn from your mistakes and emerge even stronger by asking yourself four simple questions. 

When you do, you’ll no longer feel ashamed of the past or afraid of the future. You’ll gain the insight and confidence you need to make positive changes and achieve better results in the future. 

In this episode you will—

  • Find out the two most common ways to deal with failure, and why they’re wrong.
  • Learn how to decouple failure from your sense of identity. 
  • See why examining failure openly is essential for future growth. 
  • Get a bonus question that will supercharge your sense of ownership.
  • Discover a simple trick for making it easier (and healthier) to look at your mistakes.
  • Identify the critical question for turning goal failure into achievement gold.