Focus On This Podcast

21. Why You Have Boring Goals



You set a lot of goals, but when you look at your goal list, you want to yawn. Your goals are all good things, and you’d be glad to achieve them. But they’re kind of . . . boring. 

Boring goals make for a boring life, and you don’t want that. We’ll show you have to set goals that set your heart on fire, goals you’re dying to accomplish. How? By making them riskier. Test your goals for the 3 Factors of Goal Boredom, and you’ll never set a lackluster goal again. 

You’ll be excited and engaged with your goals all year long, and you’ll achieve things so good that it literally scares you to think about them.


  • What makes a goal boring.
  • The main reason you set boring goals. 
  • Why you shouldn’t set the same goal two years in a row.
  • Why it’s good that you don’t know how you’ll achieve.
  • Questions to help you evaluate whether your goal is risky. 

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