Focus On This Podcast

20. Should You Share Your Goals



So you’ve got this big goal that you’re really excited about. You’re dying to share it with the people around you. But when you do, it kind of backfires. Some people belittle your aspiration. Others seem to think you’re bragging. The whole experience is deflating. It makes you wonder if you should even try this goal. 

Yes, you should! And you can share it with people who will affirm and help you. We’ve discovered three foolproof principles for goal sharing. Follow them, and you’ll get rid of all the angst about sharing or not sharing your goals. You’ll find the people who can support you in reaching for your biggest aspirations, and you’ll achieve them! 

In this episode you will—

  • Learn who you should share your goals with. 
  • Find out when it’s not safe to share your goals. 
  • Identify the best (and worst) reasons for goal sharing. 
  • See the three ways that sharing your goals can help you achieve them. 
  • Decide whether or not to share your goals on social media.