Focus On This Podcast

10. Keep Your Focus with This One Tool



We know you want to get stuff done. So you sit down to make some calls, or empty your inbox, or write a report. But before you know it, you’re answering Slack messages and scrolling Instagram. What just happened?

What happened is that you fell into the Palo Alto honey trap. Computer software is specifically designed to grab your attention and hold it. Forever

But we’ve got a secret weapon. It’s one of the oldest technologies on the planet, and it still works as well as it ever did. It’s called paper! When you start using this time-tested tech to manage your day, you’ll get your brain back. It’ll strengthen your focus muscle, and you’ll finally start getting the right stuff done.

In this episode you will—

  • Find out the main reason you keep falling behind at work. 
  • See the effect of electronic interruptions on your brain. 
  • Discover the simple change that will boost your focus.
  • Learn how to improve your memory and your productivity. 
  • Gain a sense of achievement every single day.