Focus On This Podcast

34. 10 Reasons to Keep Track of Your Wins



As a high achiever, you’re totally focused on getting stuff done. But there’s a problem with that. You may get so caught up in the chase that you only see the problems and missed opportunities. It can be super discouraging when you don’t reach your goal. 

We know the feeling. And we’ve got a simple practice to keep you energized, motivated, and on track to greater productivity. It’s so easy you won’t believe it: List your wins every day. 

That’s it! When you focus on the gain instead of the gap, you’ll instantly shake that coulda-done-better feeling. You’ll start every day with the motivation you need to achieve.

In this episode, you’ll discover—

  • Tips to help you get out of your productivity funk.
  • What complaining does to your mindset and your energy.
  • Why you should actually speak your wins out loud to yourself and to friends and family.
  • How to identify your gains—and not just focus on the gaps.
  • Suggestions on how to increase your energy and have more fun.

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