Focus On This Podcast

122. Kickstarting Your New Planner



It’s a new quarter, and it’s finally time to transition to a new Full Focus Planner. But you find yourself putting it off. The transition seems overwhelming, and you don’t want to “mess up” your pristine new planner. How do you start getting down to business?

In this episode, Courtney and Blake walk through three steps for kickstarting your new planner. They’ll offer practical tips for shifting your mindset and capturing key information to set yourself up to succeed. 

In this episode, you’ll discover—

  • The first step to committing to the future
  • How to avoid being blindsided by stuff you forgot
  • Where to look for ideas on how to adapt the planner
  • Why curating your environment matters for your productivity
  • A motivational second segment with Verbs




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