Focus On This Podcast

42. How to Escape the Messy Middle



You get really excited about goal achievement. But after a few weeks, the buzz wears off. Momentum slows, enthusiasm wanes. It seems like it will never end! Why does every goal turn out to be a marathon? 

Actually, that’s all pretty normal. To get to a preferred future, you always have to get through the “messy middle.” We’ve been there too. And based on our experience, we’ve developed a simple solution for getting through the doldrums of goal achievement and regaining your momentum. 

Try it, and you’ll escape from the messy middle and get back on track to accomplishing your plans. Finally, you can stop feeling stuck and get excited about your goals again!

In this episode, you’ll discover—

  • How to make progress toward your goals even when things get tough.
  • Why context matters in goal achievement—and what to do when it changes.
  • The importance of revisiting your motivations and reconnecting with your why.
  • How to identify when a goal needs to be dropped, adjusted, or moved to a different quarter.
  • Practical steps to lay out a clear path forward toward a successful year.