Focus On This Podcast

32. 5 Ways to Shift Goals in Crisis



This was going to be your year of big achievements. But the coronavirus has thrown a monkey wrench into your plans. Suddenly, you wonder if you can achieve any of your goals. It’s frustrating, and it feels like a tremendous loss.

Well, hang on there, little tomato. We’ve been through some unexpected times before, and we know exactly what to do when your goals get upended. In this episode, we’ll give you five options for reshaping your goals. 

When we’re done, you’ll have real, practical possibilities for making progress. Rather than being stuck in a holding pattern, you can keep working on goal achievement right now.

In this episode, you’ll discover—

  • What to do if you feel like your goals are no longer relevant or achievable
  • How to shift your thinking and focus on hope
  • Suggestions for reframing your targets to fit your new reality
  • Tips for alleviating stress and building confidence
  • Ideas for replacing goals within the 10 major life domains