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What is your go-to task when you’re supposed to be doing another more important task? Is it organizing your desk? Checking Slack messages? Folding laundry? Whatever your go-to task is, it will lead you to the same place: The Distraction Zone. This is a concept first described in Michael Hyatt’s book, Free to Focus. It describes the area where you’re not contributing anything valuable towards your or your team’s goals. We’re all going to slide in there occasionally, but the goal is to minimize the amount of time we spend in there.

In this episode, Blake, Courtney, and Verbs explain what the Distraction Zone is and provide three reasons why you might find yourself there. After that, in a Focus on This first, we hear a selection from an episode of Full Focus’ other podcast: Business Accelerator. In this segment, host Joel Miller speaks with business coach Dustin Guyton about goalsetting and the things that stand in our way. There’s some very valuable stuff in there that you won’t want to miss.

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